A 2014 study in Scientific American found Black Americans had just 3 % of the required Vitamin D levels for normal body function and whites 23 percent(1). Mathematically this correlates to the seven times the death rate from Covid-19 in blacks.  The body takes sunlight and converts it to vitamin D in the skin, liver and various other cells in the body. In follow up studies, they found that darker skin may retard the conversion of sunlight to vitamin D (1). Many people who spend a lot of time in the sun and have darker skin are shocked to find out that they have very low levels of vitamin D.

The deadly H1N1 and the 1918 flu were genetically re-engineered to find out just why they were such deadly killers. Scientists found three important mechanisms of death, all caused by Vitamin D deficiency.

First Vitamin D stops inflammation. Part of the immune system’s normal response to dangerous pathogens is to produce large amounts of cytokines. Though, cytokines are part of a normal immune response, in the event of a severe attack the response becomes overwhelming and inflammation goes out of control. It is this disorganized response that destroys the cells, especially in the lungs resulting in difficulty breathing and death. According to National Institutes of Health, cytokines were significantly higher in those with a fatal outcome” (2). Covid19 also kills the same way.

Secondly, without Vitamin D immune cells do not mature. Immune cells are supposed to mature and develop specific antigens to kill specific viruses. If you are out to fight the biggest enemy your immune system will face in a lifetime wouldn’t you want your entire army? Would you show up with 3% of your most inexperienced troops?

Most importantly Vitamin D stimulates your body to make lots of its own natural antiviral substances, known as antimicrobial peptides. Vitamin D stimulates the epithelial cells in places like the lung to make important anti-viral substances like Hydrogen Peroxide. Our own natural Antiviral substances have no side effects. Lots of people are dying because 3% of what is needed is not cutting it. If you stay in all summer and don’t take Vitamin D, fall could be even more deadly.

According to the National Institute of Health’s own website. Vitamin D is so powerful that “each 10 n/ML increase in 25(OH)D was associated in a 7% reduction in the risk of infection.” What would happen if you took 100 n/ML? Does that mean that you would achieve a 70% reduction of your risk of infection? (3)

Health experts expect the re-occurrence of Covid-19 in the fall. That is to be expected if we continue to stay doors through the summer causing Vitamin D levels to drop further. We may have a more malnourished population, with more people reduced to eating noodles due to financial hardship. Reduced sunlight is of course a major reason for the increase in influenza cases(5). I am not sure of the science of staying in without being advised to take vitamin D is? This is contrary to the influenza studies published on NIH’s own website. We need sunlight to live.

How Much Vitamin D Should you take?
“Vitamin D supplementation should stabilize 25(OH)D concentrations consistent with levels obtained by natural summertime sun exposure (50 ng/ml) while avoiding toxic levels. Those with large amounts of melanin in their skin, the obese, those who avoid the sun, and the aged may need up to 5000 IU/day to obtain such levels, especially in the winter.” -https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2870528/

Many people could need much more, I came across a weight loss protocol used by a Naturopathic Physician in Northern England who found she could not get her patients to lose weight until they have taken 5,000 IU/day. Some darker-skinned people could need even more. If you are in this category you may want to have a VITAMIN D test before going back out to work or make sure that you have been taking extremely high doses.   Call our office in Miami or Sunrise for a consultation if you have questions.




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“Vitamin D supplementation was safe and protected against respiratory infection overall. “ —- British Medical Journal.


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Functional Medicine vs Alopathic Medicine

The beauty of nature is that anti-viral herbs will work on almost all viruses.  The defect of allopathic medicine is that it has to look for a specific medicine or vaccine for each virus we encounter.  Why look for what we don’t have yet, when we have so much?