Call or text if you would like to come in within 4 hours.


Westside Chiropractic Center

Convenient Parking Downtown Miami

Most Convenient Parking

Most convenient parking, Valet at 151 SE 1ST Street.  $15.

Adjustment only follow-ups, in and out in less than 30 minutes $6 at 225 SE 1st street, Lanier Parking.  Please inform us if you are parked there.

Metro mover, get off at 1st Street Station.  These trains seem to come every 2 minutes and are the best way to get around.  Much faster than getting an Uber.

Take the MetroRail, exit to Government Center, and then take the Inner loop.  

Take Brickell loop, Inner Loop or Omni Loop to 1st Street Station.  You will be glad you did not drive or take Uber.