Numbness and Tingling?   Severe radiating Pain?


Many people in Downtown Miami, FL, seek chiropractic care due to pain caused by herniated disc from a car accident or arthritic changes.    The most commonly herniated disc is L5/S1 (in the lower back).  This puts considerable pressure on the nerves that control sexual function, urination, kidneys, and the colon. Nerve pressure on this disc can also create imbalance throughout your entire parasympathetic (feed and breed) nervous system, creating difficulty relaxing and falling asleep at night, among other imbalances.  This segment of the spine is sometimes under considerable stress sometimes from carrying too much weight and also often from misalignments in the pelvis that put pressure on the disc.  However, just having subluxation in your spine uncorrected and untreated can also damage joints, and result in disc herniation.

Some symptoms of disc herniation include burning in gluteal muscles; pain, numbness or tingling in extremities, carpal tunnel syndrome, even sciatica.  A herniated disc if not treated by a chiropractor, can go on to cause weakness and atrophy of muscles in the extremities, resulting in Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, shoulder, elbow, knee, calf or foot pain or atrophy and weakness of important muscles.   Bones can become affected and deformities can develop fairly quickly following a disc herniation.    Slips and falls can occur as a result of muscle weakness in the legs, feet or ankles.

What is a herniated disc?

Herniation occurs when the inner nucleus of the disc herniates into the fibrous portion of the disc known as the annular fibers, due to pressure from long-term subluxation or injury.    The herniation can put pressure on the spinal cord itself as well as the nerves.  The most commonly known condition caused as a result of herniation is Sciatica.   Sciatica is caused when the herniated disc puts pressure on the sciatic nerve causing excruciating pain running down the back of the leg, and is a very common reason for someone to visit the chiropractor.

Like a car tire out of alignment, misalignments of the spine whether they are caused by trauma or not can damage the gentle discs and ligaments of the spine resulting in pain and bad health.  Unlike the car tire, your body is self-healing.  Chiropractic care removes pressure on the nerves enabling your nerves to do what they were designed to do, heal your body and improve health.

Laser therapy, flexion-distraction technique, Ultra Sound, and special exercises are all part of your therapy to help you heal faster and get back to enjoying life.   Dr. Owen has been helping people suffering from sciatica and disc herniation for over 20 years.  If you are looking for natural and effective healthcare, call us with your health questions.