Functional Medicine

The most important part of healing is finding the cause. Functional medicine looks mostly for the biochemical causes of disease. Traditional medicine looks for the drug that treats a symptom.   For example, if you are experiencing heartburn your traditional medical doctor will usually prescribe an anti-acid of some kind. While temporarily alleviating the problem, using anti-acids creates so many health problems that just googling your drug will bring up several attorneys willing to sue your drug manufacturer just waiting for you to call.


The cause of disease can come from toxins, emotional issues or past traumas, pinched nerves, gut dysbiosis or biochemical imbalances such as hormone imbalances, and more. Many people in  Downtown Miami are looking for Functional medicine practitioners like Dr. Owen to find and treat the real cause of dis- ease or just improve health.

Functional Medicine Tends to focus on biochemical imbalances. The most common causes include toxins such as heavy metal toxicity, allergies, hormone imbalances, and genetic influences. Looking at the symptom survey often queues the doctor into where to look first.
Common tests include:
Allergy testing
Organic Acids Testing
Hormone Testing (Saliva)
Testing of Nutritional Status
Genetic Testing
Hair Strand Testing
Functional Blood Testing
Muscle Testing

Bob Age 40
Recently a patient came in with severe heartburn that has been going on for years. One of the tools used in our office is a bio meridian scanner (checks all the energy lines used in acupuncture). This patient received one acupuncture treatment. Felt awful the next day and was unable to work. However, 4 months have gone by and he has not had a single episode. He was experiencing side effects from his medication that included:
Kidney Disease
On treatment he experienced immediate reversal of almost all side effects of the medication.
Today 30% of adults report experiencing anxiety. The most common hormonal problem is adrenal stress disorder. People with adrenal stress disorder can experience severe tiredness, lack of sexual desire, menstrual cramps, insomnia, indigestion, and constipation, impaired immunity, digestive diseases, heart disease and much more. Adrenal Stress disorder can even cause Alzheimer’s disease.

Starting with a symptom survey and your last blood test, Dr. Owen can help you get to the cause without expensive testing.
Treatments include:
Nutritional Therapies
Chiropractic Adjustments
Neuro Emotional Technique
Detoxification Programs
Laser Therapy
Muscle Testing
Applied Kinesiology

Consultations are available by telephone. We expect Covid-19 to be around for years. We recommend not to come into the office with an active interest in improving your immune system. Get a free 15-minute consultation. Call (305)391-3853 in Miami.