Back pain is the second most common reason that people visit the doctor’s office. Most people seeking treatment for lower back pain in our Sunrise or Downtown Miami office are looking for a fast, safe and natural way to get out of pain. Numerous studies have long shown chiropractic care to be the most effective treatment for back pain. The British Medical Council’s study found chiropractic care far more effective for patients with chronic or Severe low back pain than traditional treatment.
Chiropractors treat a condition called subluxation, which is another word for a pinched nerve caused by misalignments for the vertebra.
All spinal nerves supply organs.  All organs need proper nerve supply to functions properly.  The organs supplied by the nerves of the lower back are gonads, ovaries, uterus, large intestines, and kidneys.  They all can be affected by damaged spinal nerves.

The discs between the vertebra provide a cushion that helps prevent the nerves from getting pinched and provides flexibility in the spine.  The most commonly pinched nerve in the lower back is L5, also known as the lowest lumbar.   Pinching of the lowest lumbar nerve can affect your knees, feet, sleep, your sex life and cause incontinence.  L5 carries the most weight.  The largest spinal nerve in the body passes through the junction of L5 and sacrum.

Other special nerves also travel through this junction that helps the body relax and sleep better.

No one knows why the largest spinal nerve in the body travels through the most frequently damaged and narrowed disc space.  But most people have experienced the pain of this design flaw at some time.  There are numerous studies that show a relationship between lower back pain and low testosterone and hypogonadism.  Other studies associate lowered estrogen levels with spinal degeneration of the lower back with in women.  This is just as hazardous to health as low testosterone in men.

Symptoms in both sexes include kidney dysfunction, heart disease, insulin resistance, osteoporosis, weight gain and more.  This is why it is so important not to ignore back pain.

In our office in Downtown or Sunrise, you can expect a complete assessment of your lower back problem including a complete orthopedic and neurological examination.

At Westside Chiropractic Center, Dr. Owen has over 20 years of experience in getting people out of pain.   Try safe natural holistic chiropractic care first.  Take advantage of our grand opening specials.  We also offer Laser Therapy, Ultra Sound, Homeopathy, Flexion/Distraction technique, Intersegmental Traction, Acupuncture, Neuro Emotional Technique, exercise, and myofascial release as adjunctive therapies.


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