Dr. Owen has been helping auto injury patients in South Florida get out of pain without the use of dangerous drugs and surgeries for over 20 years.  Effective natural chiropractic care has been providing more effective natural pain relief than any other profession for years.  The impact of a collision often creates postural distortions, nerve pressure, and damage to the spinal cord, joints, muscles and ligaments that can put stress on the brain and nervous system causing pain, discomfort, reduced mobility  and premature aging.

Whether or not you experience pain or muscle spasm following a car accident you may have postural distortions that  may not be felt immediately.  Your spinal cord is your life line, the natural curve of the human neck is commonly referred to as the arc of life.  This means that there is a scientifically proven relationship between the curve of the cervical spine and how long you are going to live and the type of health you will experience.  This arc is very often substantially reduced in the event of a trauma.  It and other postural distortions cannot be corrected by drugs or surgeries. 

Often people who have very serious injuries, such as completely torn ligaments, broken bones, concussion and even life-threatening injuries do not any immediate pain. This is why, it is so important to get a complete chiropractic, orthopedic and neurological examination at our chiropractic office as soon as possible following a car wreck.

Our office Downtown Miami/Brickell, specializes in treating damage to your spinal cord, concussion and other musculoskeletal injuries.

Risks of Auto Accidents

Even a mild, rear-end accident at 5 miles per hour can have serious repercussions to your brain and nervous system, resulting in discomfort and pain,

Common symptoms of Auto Injury Include



Neck and Shoulder Pain

Lower Back Pain


Numbness and Tingling

Knee pain

Herniated Disc

Muscle Aches and spasms


Your Auto Insurance company values chiropractic care and all policies cover treatment. Pain from an auto accident can affect your work, sleep, and ability to care for your family.

Some People Feel They Can’t Miss Work to get Treated.
Many people have jobs that require them to stand for hours or lift heavy objects. Proper documentation of injuries can enable them to get time off work to see doctors or get needed rest so the body can heal. Your personal injury insurance will cover missed days form work and if you are self-employed, your insurance covers needed help so your body can heal.

Visit our Downtown Miami FL chiropractic office and get an a thorough orthopedic and neurological examination and a thorough evaluation of your injuries.

Why Chiropractic For Auto Accident Treatment
Taking medications for pain is like ignoring the oil light in your car and continuing to drive. Medications don’t treat the cause of pain and are expensive. Taking pain pills without correcting damage to your spine and nervous system can leave you with severe long-term injuries requiring you to take pain pills for the rest of your shortened life. Some people become addicted to pain killers very quickly, as the other side effects damage their health. Our Chiropractic treatment plans are designed to keep you out of pain while your body heals. Unlike medications that only relieve pain temporarily, chiropractic care treats the source of your pain so you can achieve long-lasting pain relief and better health. At Westside Chiropractic Center, we utilize natural therapies like spinal adjustments, massage, flexion/distraction, corrective exercises, laser therapy, intersegmental traction, electrotherapy and more. Our treatment plans are designed to alleviate pain and restore your mobility and function.

See Your Sunrise/Miami, FL, Chiropractor for Auto Accident Clinic for Treatment
Don’t let auto injuries lower your quality of life. Contact Westside Chiropractic Center at  (786)391-3853.

Injured in and Auto Accident?

If you have been injured in an automobile accident you have 14 days from the date of the accident to see a physician or lose your $10,000 in personal injury benefits.  Call and make your appointment today.

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Dr. Owen has over 20 years of experience  treating Patients injured in Automobile Accidents. Proper documentation of your injuries is critical to a good outcome. Getting the highest quality treatment assures your recovery and good health.


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