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Neck Pain

Many people in Plantation and Sunrise seek out their Chiropractor when they experience neck pain or muscle soreness.  Some people have neck pain accompanied by headaches, or blurred vision, feelings of tiredness, vertigo, shoulder and arm pain, and sometimes carpal tunnel syndrome for years without realizing that chiropractic can help.

However, let’s first take a look at the anatomy of the neck or cervical spine.  It consists of 7 bones.  First is the Atlas, that supports the weight of your entire head, and the second is the Axis on which your neck turns.  Your neck also contains several important structures including your throat, thyroid gland, important blood vessels, esophagus, and more.  Your spinal cord runs through the bones of your neck and is an extension of your brain.

Many nerves exit through the spaces between the bones of your cervical spine, and as a matter of fact all the bones of your entire spine.  Sometimes childhood traumas, car accidents or just spending too much time texting can cause misalignments of your cervical spine pinching the nerves and putting pressure on the brain.  Chiropractors call this pinching subluxation.  The nerves of the cervical spine control your shoulders arms and hands as well as lots of parasympathetic functions of the body which include heart rate, sleep, immunity, digestion, elimination, metabolic rate, detoxification, and much more.  In other words your brain runs your entire body but it has to pass through your neck to do it.

Subluxations cause degeneration or osteoarthritis of the bones of the spine. Just like a car tire out of alignment wears down faster, subluxations accelerates degeneration of joints, bones, ligaments, muscles and nerves.  The good news is your body properly aligned can heal itself.   Chiropractors are specially trained to detect and correct misalignments (subluxations) of the cervical spine.  Studies show chiropractic care to be superior to all other medical treatments including acupuncture and massage for getting rid of pain (1).  Moreover, unlike popping pills chiropractic is shown to be safe and effective for treating neck pain.  Many people are pleasantly pleased by the surprising positive health changes while under Chiropractic care.

Many people have reservations about getting their neck adjusted manually.  Recent studies show that gentle instrument adjustments are just as effective.  At Westside Chiropractic you have a choice or 2 instruments you can have your neck adjusted with (Activator or Pro Adjustor) or the good old fashioned way.   Let us know which adjustment you prefer.  Call us and (954)774-8848 and schedule today.

  1. Lynton G.F. Giles, DC, PhD, a researcher at the National Unit for Multidisciplinary Studies of Spinal Pain at the University of Queensland, published the first of his 3 studies in 1999
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