How to request Patient Records.

Patients may request records by calling us directly.  Information will only be sent to the email or phone number on file.

Other physicians must have a signed records release from the patient with the phone number and address of the patient.  If it doesn’t match the information will be sent directly to the patient by email.

Attorneys and Surveyors requesting records must send a check for $100 to 25 SE 2nd Avenue, #810, Miami, FL 33131.    Requests and subpoenas must have the name, date of birth, and where the records are to be sent highlighted.  Your check will be returned with your patient records. Letters that the patient never treated in our office cost $100. There will be no refund.  This is due to the large number of survey calls, surveyors claiming to be calling from insurance companies, and belligerence, fake reviews, and  a one threat of physical violence that we have received from surveyors.  You are not entitled to abuse our employees.  You are not entitled to our time.  Statements that patients are dead beats or that they have treated in several offices are HIPPA violations and will be reported.  Call contact must take place by mail.