Many people experience muscle pain, following a car accident.  Often they don’t think the discomfort that serious.  However, muscle pain could indicate the beginnings of a forward head posture.    This actually normally happens during impact as your head whips back and forth.  Most people are not aware of the seriousness of the long term effects of reverse head posture.  Remember the yogi’s say you are as young as your spine.  Here is why.

Firstly reverse neck posture can make you look older before your time.  Beginning with the curve of your neck reversing, it often graduates to forward head posture, hunch back, scoliosis, and poor health.  Forward head posture doesn’t go away by itself.  If not corrected, it can continue to get worse.

Most success experts rate good posture as one of the most important attributes to success. According to one expert at Forbes magazine (1) “I know that posture is also crucial to performance and career success. Without a state of balance in the body (which is my definition of perfect posture) people aren’t able to reach their full potential in any business activity – and certainly not in leadership. How many slumping CEOs have you seen?”

The normal cervical curve is 63 degrees, numerous studies show that reversal of the cervical curve is usually followed by degeneration of the spine and general health.  One study by the Journal of the American Medical Association stated that poor posture “have resulted in intestinal problems, hemorrhoids, varicose veins, and osteoporosis, hip and foot deformities, POOR HEALTH, DECREASED QUALITY OF LIFE AND A SHORTENED LIFE SPAN”   A further study at Columbia and Harvard demonstrated that improved posture actually changed the participants hormone levels resulting in decreased cortisol (a bad stress hormone that destroys your health) and increased testosterone (a hormone generally good for everyone’s libido).

Your Plantation Chiropractor can help by adjusting and realigning your spine.  Chiropractic treatment will help relieve muscle spasm and get you feeling great again.  Don’t let a car accident destroy your good health and empty your pocketbook with unnecessary healthcare expenses.  Instead, get checked by your Plantation Chiropractor at no charge if you have been in a car accident.  Call right away or click the button below and make your appointment now.  Remember Florida Law requires you to see a physician within 14 days or lose your $10,000 in insurance benefits.

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Auto Injury?

If you have been been in an Automobile Collision you have 14 days to see a physician or loose your $10,000 in Personal Injury Protection benefits!

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