Many people in Downtown Miami and Sunrise commonly experience knee pain following a car accident.   However, knee pain is one reason to immediately consult your chiropractor.  Early treatment can most definitely avoid a lot of pain, surgeries, and drugs.

Sometimes there is a sprain or strain of the knee joint.  This means that the muscles or ligaments of the knee joint are damaged as a result of an impact.  The tearing and contusion often cause swelling of the joint and pain. When this happens the bones of your knee joint are usually out of alignment preventing it from healing properly on its own.   Pain is your body telling you to rest your knee before further damage can be done to the joint.  Popping pills for knee pain is like covering up the oil light on your car when it goes on.  

For most of the patients seen in our offices in Miami and Sunrise, correcting misalignments of the bones of the knee joint allow the knee joint to heal quickly.  Most people leave the office without any pain at all.

Dr. Owen is especially skilled in using the fast accurate activator adjusting instrument to carefully realign the knee joint easily and painlessly, this promotes healing of the knee joint and restores proper motion.


The knee joint is controlled by the spinal cord.  The second reason for knee pain is damage to the spine.  This is where the thorough orthopedic and neurological evaluation that Dr. Owen performs is very crucial to determining the cause of your knee pain.  The nerves of your spinal cord control your knee joint, making sure there is no nerve interference to the knee joint is critical for proper functioning and healing.  Herniated or damaged discs or pinched nerves in the lower back can cause nerve pressure and prevent your knees from ever heeling properly even if you are operated on by the most brilliant knee surgeon on the entire planet.  Without proper nerve function, your knee cannot heal.   Many people have undetected nerve interference without realizing it.  If you have been in an accident and enjoy walking and having an active lifestyle; don’t delay calling us as you must have an evaluation of your injuries with 2 weeks of your accident in order to keep your insurance benefits.

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