One of the symptoms that you have been seriously injured in a car accident is headaches. Some of the people who come our offices Downtown Miami or Plantation/Sunrise with constant headaches following an injury, have a concussion, herniated discs, and even fractures in their spine and don’t even know it.  Signs that you have serious injuries include neck pain, headaches, problems with memory, coordination, vision changes, balance, and concentration. Many people with a concussion never lost consciousness. But everyone who has headaches after an accident has had their head violently shaken or whipped back and forth.  The brain has the consistency of Jello can become damaged as it hits up against the walls of the skull during an impact.

Most people who have headaches following a car accident find chiropractic care a safe natural approach to get them on the way to healing. Most people leave Dr. Owen’s office with the headache almost gone after their first visit. After an accident complete set of X-rays and a very thorough orthopedic and neurological examination is critical to having your head injuries properly evaluated. The first 2 days following a head injury are the most critical as some healthcare professionals believe the damage can be permanent.

During an accident, the whipping back and forth of the head can and tear and damage the discs, muscles and ligaments of the cervical spine usually misaligning the bones creating what is called a subluxation. Subluxation is when the misalignment compresses a nerve or several nerves preventing your nervous system and brain from functioning properly. The misalignment puts pressure on muscles to keep your head upright as the muscles don’t work well in a misaligned position. This can put even further stress on your brain. Your entire spinal cord passes through your cervical spine and can experience long term slow decay if the pressure is not removed by removing the misalignments in your cervical spine. Dr. Owen has 20 years of experience helping people who have been injured in an accident recover their health using safe natural chiropractic care.

Many people think that the Chiropractor has to “pop” their neck in order to correct a subluxation. Some are afraid of having their neck “popped” and some love it. Dr. Owen has special training in a variety of techniques effective in removing subluxation, so you don’t have to have your neck popped if you don’t want to.

Following your thorough examination and X-rays, Dr. Owen will completely explain your problem and discuss a customized treatment plan to get you quickly back to health.

If you have been in an accident you have 2 weeks from the date of your accident to see a health care professional or lose your personal injury protection benefits which will pay the vast majority of your medical expenses. This insurance also covers you if you are not able to work for a few days or weeks following an accident due to headaches. This allows you to rest and heal without financial stress. What is a very small symptom now can become severe later at your own expense. Call now and see your Plantation Chiropractor with your questions, (954)745-8380.

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If you have been been in an Automobile Collision you have 14 days to see a physician or loose your $10,000 in Personal Injury Protection benefits!

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