DNA Your Family Recipe For Good Health!


One of the first things the Doctor wants to know on any visit is your family health history. Now with new technology advanced physicians like your plantation chiropractor can do a lot more with your raw genetic data from 23 and me. Your genes not only control eye color and hair color but they are really the recipes that control all functions that run your body. Your raw genetic data is like an owner’s manual for your car. It is a guide to tell you what special care some systems of your body will need to function properly. Once you have done a 23 and me test you will always have the raw genetic data. For people who are taking pharmaceuticals this is very important. There are lots of dangerous drugs out there. Drug interactions are the number one cause of hospitalizations. No one in your family needs to take the risk. For $15 for instance on the website Promethease you can get an analysis that will tell will be able to tell you if a particular drug is safer for you based on your DNA. It can also warn you against drugs that won’t work for you. No need to try anymore.

What makes this important is that this is a real family affair; you may have several members of your family with the same health risks with the same route cause. It has a different name than what diseases used to be called in the past so instead of saying that gallstones and kidney stones run in your family. The more accurate way to address the issue is our family has a lot of variant of ACAT genes. You guys need to take supplements that break down oxalates so you don’t go to the hospital to remove a gall bladder, or a kidney stone and make up for your sluggish mitochondria to avoid diseases like Alzheimer’s.

We could think of this as a bakery. You have your chocolate cake recipe, your apple pie etc.. DNA tests look for variants in these recipes. A genetic variant is like a wrong recipe for chocolate cake. If you bake a cake with the wrong recipe every day leaving out the eggs, eventually you will have so many old rotten eggs and cake that no wants to eat building up in the kitchen that it can’t function any more. Well many diseases are caused the same way. Wrong recipes to make the neurotransmitters that run your brain, make the right hormones, or make vitamin D, eventually take their toll, resulting in disease. This combined with toxins is why it seems the older we get the more diseases we get. Clearly wrong recipes run in families. So test not just for yourself but for your who family.

Have you done a 23 and me test? Ask your plantation chiropractor a question regarding your genes?

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