Surviving Cancer Naturally

Getting a diagnosis of cancer for yourself or a family member can be frightening. This page is dedicated to all my loved ones that are trying to keep it together while going through “treatment”. Only you can make the choices to shave your own life. There are lots of therapies and treatments that really work. You can easily go over this material while waiting in the doctor’s office. I have even included lots of videos for those of you that are not big readers.


In my research, I came across a website that had a lot of very solid information that seems to have done a lot of my work for me. Check out https://attackingcancer.org/ Their book “90 Days to Live” is recommended by the famous cancer researcher Dr. E. K. Schandal, famous for his development of the C test. The C test is used widely by functional medicine doctors worldwide. These are the scientifically proven blood markers that you need to watch. Your famous oncologist from your exhaulted university hospital is not doing these tests. Dr. Shandal’s lab is right here in Hollywood. His test is a proven predictor of whether your cancer is headed for remission or return, based on your current metabolism. See his website at https://www.americanmetaboliclaboratories.net/ . I also noticed that he has added a longevity profile. Definitely worth considering you know what they say, a stitch in time…


Don’t forget to take a look at their information on Dr. Donald Kelly. Dr. Kelly has cured more people of cancer than any doctor that I know of in the United States. He died fairly recently. Our office does stock the enzymes he recommends because many people claim to make them but according to our experts nothing else works as well.

As your Sunrise and Downtown Miami Chiropractor and Functional Medicine Specialist, I have much more to add. Please Keep checking this page.

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