Radiculopathy From Car Accident

Radiculopathy refers to a group of symptoms that can occur as a result of pinching of the nerve root in the spinal column.  Many people in Plantation and Sunrise, Fl see their chiropractor for radicular symptoms as a result of a car accident or other trauma.  You may not have heard of radiculopathy before, but you may have heard of sciatica, carpal tunnel syndrome, Ducheyenes  contracture or Knee pain.  These are examples of syndromes that can be caused by pinched nerves following a car accident.

As a result of a car accident or whiplash the bones in your spine can move from their normal position putting pressure on nerves that can result in pain, numbness and tingling.    The worst of these is actually numbness.  Many people with numbness don’t even know it’s there until tested by the doctor following a car accident.  Many people are shocked to realize that someone stuck their finger, toe or other extremity with a pin and they did not feel it.   Radiculopathy and Neuropathy often overlap because damage to the nerve root can actually cause nerves to begin to slowly die because of lack of communication with the spinal cord and brain.  Examples of this are winged scapula, drop food or ape hand.   Getting this under control is particularly important if you are diabetic.

When a bone is moved from its correct position it is called subluxation.  Subluxation usually occurs in almost every car accident.  Traditional treatments include nerve blocks, pain pills, and other palliative treatments… some people become addicted to opioids after only 2 weeks of popping the pills.   A closer look at the problem should tell you why most people in Plantation and Sunrise seek safe natural chiropractic treatments following a car accident.   Only chiropractors specifically adjust the bones putting them back into their correct position, this allows nerves to heal, relieves pain and naturally restores normal motion and strength to the extremities.   If you have been in an accident call now for your free evaluation (954)745-8380.


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