Resveratrol Vesisorb 90s

Resveratrol Vesisorb 90s


In one controlled study, such a lethal influenza virus was given to mice that 100% of the control group given the placebo died. However, the mice given the Resveratrol died at a rate of 40%.   The resveratrol group were also sick for a shorter period of time and had fewer symptoms.  This shows that resveratrol can possibly double the survival rate from even the most lethal virus. (1)

The superior technology and absorbability of this product could greatly improve survival rates if more studies were done. With no known side effects, raising the dosage in times of active infection can only help.  Resveratrol helps prevent viruses from mutating and also helps prevent them from taking the protein from cells they need to replicate.(1) Resveratrol also blocks the inflammatory pathways that can result in the lethal cytokine storms associated with fatality from the flu of 1918, and H1N1 influenza viruses. (2)

Regarding another study of the effects of Resveratrol on another lethal Influenza Virus, "The researchers also tested the effects of starting resveratrol treatment at different intervals after infecting cells with the virus. Treatment was most effective in reducing viral growth 87.5%, when treatment began 3 hours after virus exposure. Effects were lower but still significant when treatment began 6 hours after infection, and treatment had no significant benefit if delayed until 9 hours after infection."(2)

Resveratrol has also been tested on

Research suggests resveratrol offers support for cellular function, cardiovascular and neurocognitive health, and antioxidant defenses.

Each capsule offers 50 mg of enhanced-absorption resveratrol as the highly pure 99% trans-resveratrol resVida®




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