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How chiropractic can help with Jaw Pain

Jaw pain affects over 10% of the population at some time, mostly women of child bearing age.  Dysfunction of the jaw is often referred to as TMJ.  This stands for Temporal Mandibular Joint dysfunction.    Causes of Jaw pain can include trauma such as whiplash, emotional stress, arthritis, subluxation of the cervical spine, vascular problems, infected teeth or other dental problems.  

 Symptoms of this include:

Soreness in the muscles of the Jaw, difficulty opening and closing the jaw, eating, chewing, yawning, headaches and neck pain.

TMJ dysfunction often follows dental work, and hairdresser visits.  Studies show that just the position in which your hair is washed or just keeping your mouth open for an extended period of time in the dental chair can trigger upper cervical subluxation (misalignment of a bone that irritates nerves and prevents them from working properly).  The upper cervical spine has ligaments that directly connect to the TMJ.    When the upper cervical spine is out of alignment it can prevent normal opening and closing of the TMJ.  Naturally chiropractic can help with adjustments to the cervical spine that can put all back in order quickly safely and naturally. 

The TMJ is a hinge joint with 68 muscles 2 cushions that allow for some grinding or lateral movement.  The Jaw itself is connected the skull by a series of ligaments and muscles.  The skull itself has several bones interconnecting bones.   A cranial fault (which is a word for misalignment of a cranial bone) can also affect the TMJ.     The long and short of it is you Plantation chiropractor is trained to check for these and many other factors that can affect the TMJ.   Your chiropractor is also training in several methods to correct jaw dysfunction. 

Treatment frequently includes activator adjustment of the Jaw.  Activator is a gentle low force adjusting instrument that enables a very light adjustment that can gently put the mandible back to its correct position so the jaw can open and close properly, without surgery.  Some more severe cases need release of muscles of the pterygoid muscles that are the largest muscles used in opening and closing the mouth.  Luckily cold laser therapy has really helped to shorten the treatment time for many people who suffer from jaw pain.  Your Chiropractor is also trained is several techniques to correct cranial faults that can trigger your TMJ. 

Remember 90 percent of the people who seek chiropractic care avoid surgery.  Let us help you too.

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