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Painful Feet, Following Auto Injury

Many people develop foot or heel pain following an auto accident.   Sometimes it starts right away and sometimes it slowly creeps up on you.  Your Plantation, FL, Chiropractor has years of experience in helping injured patients in Plantation and Sunrise regain their health and lifestyle following an Auto Injury.

What causes Foot Pain?

There are many causes of foot pain.  Most foot pain following an auto injury is Neurological or Muscular Skeletal.

The Bones in your feet can get misaligned during a Car Accident    

There are 24 moveable bones in your feet.  They can become misaligned during the force of an impact.   Bones out of place in the foot stress ligaments and muscles, and can also put pressure on nerves in the feet.  This type of pain can get progressively worse as you continue to walk.  Your Plantation Chiropractor can check the bones of your feet to make sure they are in proper alignment.  Dr. Lisa Owen actually has special training to move bones in the feet back into their normal position.  Leaving the bones in your feet out of alignment for extended periods of time can result in food conditions such as bunions, arthritis, bursitis, heel spurs, and other even more painful conditions.

Neurological Foot Pain

Pain in your feet can begin as a result of a herniated disc in the lower back or any other condition that causes impingement the spinal nerves in the lower back that supply the feet.    Every part of your body needs 100% of the normal nerve supply in order to work properly.  It has been long proven that it takes the weight of a dime to impede the function of a spinal nerve.  This is why people with long term lower back pain often end up with knee and foot problems.   Without proper nerve supply, the involved joints will begin to degenerate over time.  Nerve impingement can also happen anywhere the nerve goes as it travels along its course from the spinal cord to the feet.

Metabolic Conditions can also cause foot pain.

Metabolic conditions such as diabetes, vitamin B deficiencies, or nerve degeneration can also cause foot Pain.

No matter the cause, your feet need to get you where you need to go for a lifetime and Westside Chiropractic Center can help.  So take good care of them.  If you are experiencing foot pain call us at experts at (954)774-8848.  Remember you only have 14 days from the date of the accident to see the Doctor or lose your $10,000 in insurance benefits.  We take care of everything for you.  You are still entitled to treatment even if the accident was your fault.

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