Car accident injury

Whiplash car accident injury – What Is It? What Should You Do?

If you have been in an accident you probably may still feel a little bit  shocked.  But always be happy to be alive.  However, many are afraid that the pain won’t go away or that their injuries could cause permanent damage.  Even what seems like a minor accident can be a lot more serious that it seems at first.  When one automobile is stuck by another, thousands of pounds of force are exerted on the neck and spine.  Whiplash occurs when the head and neck are thrown or “snapped” back and fourth quickly.  The result can be severe damage to the ligaments, soft tissue, and discs of the neck and spine.

Whiplash also causes impingement, stretching, or irritation of the nerves and the spinal cord.

Whiplash can also cause headaches, numbness, pins and needles in the face, chest, arms or hands, anxiety, neck pain, back pain, ear ringing, dizziness, hearing loss and/or blurred vision.

Too many people who have been in a traumatic automobile accident do not receive care from a chiropractor. That is the reason why over half of the accident victims never completely recover from their injuries and may live on pain killers for years to endure repeated surgeries.  Chiropractic care can make the difference between true recovery and healing or lingering pain and disability.

Unfortunately, chiropractic treatment is not yet available in emergency rooms and medical doctors are not trained to locate and correct spinal nerve stress. As a result, millions of accident victims leave the hospital with as much spinal nerve stress as they had when they entered. They may continue to suffer for months, years or even decades afterwards. This gentle chiropractic care helps restore nervous system function, helps heal sore muscles and damaged ligaments, and ensures rapid and complete recovery after an accident.

Insurance companies realize the many advantages of Chiropractic Care. This treatment is covered on all automobile insurance policies, whether you are a driver, a passenger, or a pedestrian… and regardless of who is at fault. Our clinic will assist you in dealing with insurance paper work and filling a claim with your insurance company.

Other types of car accident related pain

Anyone who has been in a traumatic automobile accident, even if there are no obvious symptoms should have a Chiropractic examination. The damage from spinal nerve stress may take months or even years to surface. A simple Chiropractic exam and proper treatment can save an accident victim from much pain and disability later.  Don’t delay the Florida Personal Injury law only covers you if you go to the doctor within 2 weeks of the accident.


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